Oxygen therapy through eyeglass frames!!  An excellent option for patients on oxygen therapy.  This uniquely designed frame allows the oxygen to flow through special tubing through the eyewear into the patient's nostrils. Wearers of Oxy-View frames eliminate the cannula tubing worn across their cheeks, which is often unsightly and irritating to the face.  

​Sunwear featuring the most advanced polarization technology available to eliminate glare and increase contrast and color perception in virtually any environment.

Authentic antique American eyewear crafted of 12K gold-filled wire and intricate filigrees hand-carved by the finest jewelry craftsmen from this by-gone era.  AUTHENTIC VINTAGE EYEWEAR!

Hand-painted Italian Eyewear - Must be seen to be believed!

Strongly rooted in classic Danish design, but still daring to be bold and optimistic, with quality products that have an aesthetic appeal and a little unexpected twist.

Made in the USA!  NW77th is distributed by Studio Optyx, whose factory, located in St. Louis, Missouri, hand makes and hand polishes all of it's frames.  Plastic frames are made from high quality acetates imported from either Italy or Japan.  Metal frame designs are crafted out of surgical grade stainless steel, which is stronger and more durable than most any metal on earth. 

A world leader in rimless eyewear! "Seeing without boundaries"

Favored by celebrities, the iconic product is produced in Italy and Japan using the finest quality materials available, resulting in beautiful eyewear that can last a lifetime.

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